Geothermal Systems


SSS 304L

Pre-insulated piping system with flexible design for expansion and contraction without overstressing material. No expansion joints are required and the flexible design eliminates  the need for 90° angles.


Ground Energy Systems

Polyethylene socket fusion fittings made for transitioning from metric pipe to ASTM pipe diameters.




Used for supply and return lines to distribution manifolds eliminating thermal corruption and avoiding thermally sensitive utility conflicts.


Enviroplate Heat Exchange

Manufactured via a state of the art CNC operated laser welding machine for geothermal water applications. EnviroPlatesTM are a labor saving alternative to using HDPE pipe.


Custom Manifolds

Engineered metallic and non metallic manifolds with thermally insulated high strength exterior coatings. Allows manifolds to maintain high system efficiency whether indoors or outdoors.